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Friedmar Hitzer - playing viola in the biyuya ensemble - graduated from the conservatory in Arnhem and the Messiaen-Akademie. His amazing improvisatory abilities on both the violin and the viola make him a outstanding musician.

He has recorded several cds with the Zapp String Quartet: 'Dextro', 'Wool' (with The Nits), 'Outro Lado' (with Zuco 103), 'Very Suit' (compositions Philip Stangl), 'From Bing to Sting' (with Ronald Douglas) and a cd with Piet Nordijk.

Apart from Zapp!, with whom he also appeared on television (i.e. with Lion Ware and Sitaswoon) and twice at the North Sea Jaz Festival, he performed with Brad Mehldau and recorded other cds like 'Live at Lincou' with East of the Sun and Raging Low with B1.

Vera Westera - vox
Marie Loesche - violin
Friedmar Hitzer - viola
Bojan Vuletic - guitar
Dion Nijland - double-bass
Bart Lelivelt - accordion


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